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tv   Headline News  RT  July 23, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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running the legal. carcass are poised to gain full access to personal data on hundreds of millions of mobile phones worldwide r.t. talked to the cyber expert who detected the threat. to fall claims one in five victims of u.s. drone strikes in pakistan are civilians as washington looks to expand drone warfare . and british think tank warns of a massive wealth gap developing in the country due to welfare reforms described as speeded up that resume. international news and comment watching with me and. now hackers have the ability
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to hijack one in every mobile phones worldwide with a single hidden text message has come from a leading german cyber security expert he claims the trick gives criminals instant control over mobile devices and can even provide them with access to personal banking data and to see it explains how. turns out that as many as seven hundred fifty million cell phones around the world could be carrying flawed sim cards that could potentially leave their owners vulnerable to financial fraud and surveillance now sim cards hold key user data and have up until now been generally known to be one of the most secure parts of a mobile phone however the recently discovered bugs could allow doctors to access personal information and carry out illegal transactions and this was researched and announced by thirty one year old ethical hacker and renowned german codebreaker karsten know after repeated attempts to hack into sim cards over the last three
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years you know says a shocking number of them can be hacked within minutes no has discovered a way to essentially get complete control of an individual's phone by finding out the unique encryption key of each sim card with just one hidden text message allowing whoever breaks into the system to do whatever the user of the phone is able to do and what this means is if there is credit card information or data on that given cell phone being broken into that information. and could easily be used often without the cell phone user realizing that this is being done before it's potentially too late artie's video agency abruptly spoke exclusively with cars to know who described in more detail the threats that this could all lead to. short term threat when criminals finally acquired this method is fraught they will abuse the cards to send a message for instance they could also steal from them in countries where they are
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disused looking at the midterm surveillance questions because to do encrypt hold the voice communications originating from the phone as well as data communication so all of this could be intercepted and decoded by a well equipped surveillance team now are no less known for his activity in exploiting vulnerabilities of secure systems and then providing companies with his findings so they can fix these issues before criminal hackers lay their hands on these technical flaws and he estimates that roughly a quarter of the total three billion sim cards using the data encryption standard throughout the world could be impacted by this research that is now conducted and supported to note that there has been no pattern identifying exactly which sim cards manufacturers are more for all the more vulnerable than others but the security expert says it will take hackers about six months to figure out how to do what he has done and releasing this information now gives manufacturers enough time to catch up and fixing this problem are the u.n.
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international telecommunications union has dubbed these latest revelations quote highly significant and is now in the process of notifying agencies in almost two hundred countries. u.s. drone strikes have caused an alarming civilian death toll in pakistan and that is according to leaked documents from officials in islamabad the so-called precision strikes resulted in a total of seven hundred forty six deaths between two thousand and six and two thousand and nine and one fifth of those victims were civilians children made up a shocking twelve percent of the casualties however washington is showing no signs of scaling back its drone warfare program as artie's. reports. u.s. intelligence services want to have the world covered on top of spying on the world communications washington is expanding its drone surveillance operations as you know under the umbrella of fighting terror the u.s. now operates a host of bases in the middle east and africa
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a lot of these operations seem to have little or nothing to do with u.s. national security like the work that u.s. spy drones do for the turkish military so u.s. camera equipped predator drones hover above the rugged border with iraq and stream high resolution imagery to the turkish armed forces helping them pursue fighters from the kurdistan workers party or p.k. kate here you see a kurd to got hold of some pieces of a u.s. drone that either crashed by itself or was shot down not clear so there's this synergy between the u.s. and turkey where the turks host the u.s. drone base and the u.s. does surveillance for them the u.s. is making other tradeoffs in the region and thanks to such favor exchanges it gets to increase its presence there often times against the will of the people in some of those countries for example the pew research center has just released a survey showing that eighty two percent of turks disapprove of the obama administration's international campaign of drone attacks but regardless of the
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backlash the march of drones continues an expense for beyond known combat zones the commander of u.s. forces in africa told congress in february that he needed a fifteen fold the increase in size of bayless recorded songs sending intelligence gathering on the continent fifteen fold that's in africa the pentagon says the u.s. is also committed to increasing its surveillance in asia and the pacific. which effectively means beware china at the other end of the world in south and central america u.s. military commanders say they need drones for counter-narcotics operations so in every region on every continent there is something to keep an eye on but everybody understands that it's not just an eye wherever there are the spy drones there will be the predators waiting right behind to go on a kill mission and washington's request and that's where america's world policing war urges often clash with international law in washington i'm going to check them
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in other news at least five hundred escaped prisoners including senior al qaida members are on the run in iraq that after gunmen attacked two high security jails near baghdad including abu ghraib killing twenty security personnel in the process so if learned is co-director of the international action center says there's been no improvement in the security situation since the u.s. led invasion. itself as a prison was notorious for us torture techniques humiliation sexual humiliation tactics that were used it was turned back over to the iraqi government we have no idea if any conditions improved so there was a prison break that we do know but we also really know that it's the us war and occupation that consciously created the sectarian violence of course al qaida or the government they don't serve the interests of the iraqi people but the policy of
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inflaming sectarian differences and consciously for mentoring and providing arms and funding and whatnot to groups who inflame sectarian violence that policy came from the u.s. of course a state of security for any of the people of iraq has been terrible has been terrible through the years of u.s. sanctions absolutely devastating during the u.s. invasion the years of occupation and it hasn't substantially improved since. now also ahead for you this hour monsanto's beating a retreat from europe america's biotech giant drops its bid to grow new genetically modified crops in the e.u. after widespread protests and resistance from the anti g.m. lobby we've got warned that shortly. a british social socialist think tank has warned that nationwide wealth inequality is set to skyrocket over
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the next few years unless the government rethink its policy of slashing welfare the fabian society predicts that david cameron's economic strategy will cause the wealth gap to widen even more than it did during the 1980's and in half the time that margaret thatcher was in power they branded the situation a speeded up action replay of that tourism r.t. sarah firth has been breaking down the numbers well let's take a look at some of the details of that report published for the fabian places the blame on the coalition government policies around cuts the ballot and tax credit thing that that is raising the inequality between the rich and poor now the projections that they make that. twelve percent of their income on average that compares to get three percent of the net income on average the days in the second wealthiest tax bracket now some of the ways that that happens if you take
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a look at council tax in the u.k. for example that charge is a much higher percentage to families on those low to middle incomes whereas those in the higher incomes a much smaller percentage of their disposable income to council tax so you can already see some of the disparities between how families are managing their income now this report coming at a time where we're expected some positive me about the economy with g.d.p. figures to be really thought that that's going to show some modest growth but i think what this report is trying to do is to bring the conversation back now to income equality and of course that comparison to that choice and things would come as quite a shock to many in the liberal democrats in the coalition government he would have spent time he thought back in the one nine hundred eighty s. fighting against exactly the types the impact to the policies that are now acting
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as part of the coalition government. we spoke to the author of the report economist i would read he says the country's economic recovery is being pursued at the expense of the least well off in society. obviously the u.k. has i pretty hard to say in the property finances and we've been told that the austerity measures that the coalition government has introduced are kind of necessary to get the public finances back on track but i haven't really managed to date much so far but the point is that the wire. taps rises and benefit costs of being introduced as the court records families holiday. week long sort of moving or hiring but next round house is going to bring mining the sort of social security benefits in tax credits which we grow our incomes we save
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including we grow our incomes. you know so people who we should be joining courage and so we're a very being here. very family with children especially and so the young younger on employed. while britain's unemployed face the loss of those benefits they're also coming up against growing competition on the jobs market from foreign workers and as artie's tests are similar reports eastern european migrants are actually more likely to be given jobs in the u.k. than like course with long term unemployment in the u.k. hitting a seventeen year high long lines of job centers have become a typical and while many britons are struggling to find a job a recent report by to finish academics says that immigrants from eastern europe are seven percent more likely to be employed and this trend generally holds true in the agriculture business on this berry farm here in kent so workers spend about eight
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to nine hours a day picking berries in the sun in the heat it is physical work now under the seasonal agricultural workers scheme of the u.k. it's estimated that there are thousands of foreigners working on the u.k. farms. robert pascoe who runs this farm says there are between three hundred and three hundred fifty immigrant workers during the harvest season mostly coming from eastern europe remaining probably in the majority we need a supply of people who come in for the summer season and that's not so popular amongst the english people because they they want continuity is not considered to be. a profession and the same time you've got a lot of keen enthusiastic and bright eastern europeans to come for six months and we see how bright they are they enjoy doing what they're doing and wish to stay longer and of course they're becoming more. like a volley or maybe
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a has been working on this farm for nine years do you mind doing all this physical hard work and i think i'm doing that if i was moving during that i was not here. for fishing in office somewhere in back in my country the report comes on the one hand amid the government's goal of decreasing the net immigration to the tens of thousands and concerns that cheap migrant labor is decreasing local wages and on the other hand widely unpopular cuts to the u.k.'s welfare system which you work and pensions secretary says is in order to restructure the culture to discourage people from living off the dole and find work instead i think most british people are now strongly hardworking and you know industrious we've also got an element it's true i think we've got an element of people who don't want to work i'm not quite sure how big that he's but then you've got another problem of the benefits trap and that's what we should be concentrating on how do we get people back into work how do we motivate young motivated and you don't do that by bringing wives and wives of cheap labor who just going to undercut them by the end of the year the
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e.u. is temporary work and travel restrictions a bulgarian rumanians will be lifted giving them the same rights to work in the u.k. as other e.u. citizens farm owners spirit. this would lead to bulgarians and romanians leaving for jobs. and. not only jobs benefits. while europe's unemployment problem continues to deepen fiscal debt saw hitting record highs head to our website at r.t. dot com for an in-depth look at europe's economic challenges and still to come on the program later this hour escape its vicious cycle of street bloodshed we report on a nation that's been polarized by politics with supporters of rival groups facing off on streets and squares across the country.
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wealthy british style sun. spot on the. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speak on
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their behalf and that's why you can go larry king now right here on r.t. question more. welcome back in egypt relentless battles between supporters and opponents of the ice did president mohamed morsi all raising the specter of civil war going to tax high. been reported in and around cairo the situation remains chaotic making casualty figures hard to verify protesters have blocked several major roads and dozens of vehicles have been smashed and torched on monday the army intervened to prevent thousands of islamised demonstrators from storming tourist square which has been occupied by anti morsy crowds for weeks journalists. thinks the military's
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gearing up for tougher measures to curb the unrest. the muslim brotherhood are actually have proven over the past week specifically over this week or willing and trying to get to continue to paralyze the capital cairo paralysis of the city is in fact could in fact hinder any any attempt to destabilize the situation by calling for elections or by trying to hold and assembly for the constitutional amendments which probably will lead to further violence it will also lead to horror sure crackdowns by the military and the police force on for all wars year pro protest because you have evidence that. this movement is actually oil and is willing to use dollars orms against whoever opposes them. so with egypt locked in seemingly never ending protests politically the country has gone full circle and he's back where it
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started and that's left many feeling they've paid far too high a price in their struggle for change as artie's poor asli reports. it was egypt is in sadness he broke not feeling safe anymore from the day the revolution started we have not seen a happy day everything is going from bad to worse. fifty one people died in clashes on one day one of them are also noisy son. this was the moment of his death captured on film by the twenty six year old photographer he aims his camera towards a military sniper sniper fires and then suddenly turns the rifle and points towards the camera lens the film ends and so too does a homage to life. let's just say he's to think about these children that die and wonder what happens to their mother now i'm one of those mothers we used to say
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our country is the country of peace and security but all of that has changed. son of salad was one of those who fought for that change he quit his job in saudi arabia to return to egypt to be part of the revolution that overthrew president mubarak these are the ideals they fought and died for but more and more it seems they failed simple demands i think egyptians want to see quick wins they want to see people who are really keen on change but if that doesn't come i think i think you know with like well like you know going to the street in i think it's becoming like a ritual you know we need to get away from it to start building i for how long can you go to the street is a popular joke doing the rounds in the country right now egyptians don't topple a president every day only once every two years but underlying the humor a glam reality a new pew research center poll has found that only thirty percent of egyptians
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think the country is headed in the right direction roughly three in four say the economy is in bad shape and fifty six percent are dissatisfied with the way democracy is working they want we deserve a better life we didn't get a hold on the twenty fifth of the job to get such. believe the brotherhood talk. or think they can only benefit from egypt without getting any scraps of the people for two years egyptians have been on the street more than two thousand people have been killed for the families left behind is a growing since the deaths were in vain. the revolution did not produce a positive outcome for the people it's like the revolution has a new and started no one in egypt is happy if you walk in the street everyone is depressed everyone is talking about the problems that egypt is going through. and so two revolutions later egypt it seems has come full circle the army's back on the
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street for the second time in as many years i want to be it's the only institution that continues to get positive ratings seventy three percent of egyptians believe it has a good influence on the country but with the threat of street battles just around the corner if it doesn't play its concert right even that is city change policy r t cairo. now on our website we have plenty more stories for you including our team's own investigation on the health costs for a spire accolades after the u.s. led coalition's use of depleted uranium in military operations our correspondent went to a former war zone to meet the families suffering from an epidemic of birth defects and can say you can check that out at our take dot com also on line rivers of blues a quake in new zealand plays supermarket shelves of alcohol far faster than a drinking competition at an eighteenth birthday party you can check out the footage on our in motion page and also our you tube channel.
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right to see. first rate. and i think that you're. on our reporters were very. instrumental i. am. on my. son's i was feeling the pressure in europe so much so that american the american biotech giant has decided to scrap plans to grow new g.m. crops inside the e.u. the company's been the target of mass protests across the region and beyond and environmental groups are happy to see them back out artie's peter oliver has this report. here in europe we're hearing a resoundingly no when it comes to genetically modified crops so much so that the
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american g.m. giant monsanto is decided that they are not going to do any more business inside the european union that currently monsanto provides g.m. seeds to farms in spain in portugal to grow corn the other thing is that corn isn't the corn that european consumers want they want things like this organically grown or conventionally farmed that's what they want to see on their plates at home now monsanto had been in the process of applying for ten more licenses inside the e.u. this was to grow things like more corn as well as sugar beet and soya beans now they've decided that since they really isn't a market for these products in countries like here in germany as well as france some of the the most vocal and g.m. countries around the world as well as the amount of red tape and hoops that they would be made to jump through by officials that's prompted them to say forget about those ten licenses we're going to concentrate on our conventional seed business
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here in europe and forget about the g.m. stuff now they're not the first g.m. company to decide that europe isn't the place for them the german genetically modified food group b a s f decided last year to pack up their european operations and move all of their business to the united states so it seems that when it comes to genetically modified food here in europe well it's a no from the consumers and it's a no from the politicians and the officials the consumers don't want to buy it and the politicians will make it hard for you to grow it. some international news in brief in brazil violent protests what really does nero overnight as pope francis arrived on his first foreign trip angry crowds poured into the city center to voice anger over the government's fifteen million dollars spending on the pontiffs visit the day before francis arrived a homemade bomb was found at the shrine that he was cheated visit police seized
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rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse demonstrators who have been holding street rallies for over a month. and ten people have been for a passenger jets landing gear collapsed at an airport in new york the nose of the boeing seven three seven flying from tennessee the runway one hundred fifty passengers and crew were on board that yet most escaped unharmed that accident comes just two weeks after the deadly crash of the asiana airlines jet in san francisco. coming your way max and stacey ruffle the feathers of the richest one percent because report is coming up next.
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i've talked with you and many times about the absurd things going on all around us like kids being thrown out of school because they have a gun that shoots bubbles or various people getting punished for their tweets and facebook posts it's all really abstract it's hard to truly get angry over until you see the results or put a stupid video game just in carver sarcastically said to someone who called him crazy or here i really messed up in the head i'm going to go shoot a bunch of kids at school l.o.l. j.k. and for this bit of sarcasm he spent quite some time awaiting trial in a texas prison not only that according to his father he was being attacked brutally on many occasions leading to bolt. concussions and black eyes and in the end he had to be thrown into solitary confinement for his own good you see this is the ugly reality of those who fought the bad side of political correctness you know i don't talk about these stories just for fun the main thing that i'd like to say is that it wasn't for some anonymous coward in canada turning him into the authorities for doing absolutely nothing this young man would not have to live with the memory and possible injuries from numerous assaults to the anonymous canadian who turned him
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in i sarcastically wish you a horrible fate but you probably get me arrested for it so just say that it's people like you who allow tyranny to exist but that's just my opinion. welcome to the kaiser report max kaiser hey last week an anti counterfeiting raids across the world interpol arrested six thousand people of sees one hundred thirty three million was a fake not one of those arrested or whether it was
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a central banker who had conjured up fictional national wealth by fiddling with q.e. buttons on a quantitative keyboard nor were any of those arrested trading high frequency algo bots generating fake liquidity with a very real front running no banker a broker trafficking in bogus or rivet is backed by delusional collateral no naked short selling silver manipulator and not a single robo signing mortgage forger. nor afic lab or rate giving baker was seized by interpol no it appears interpol made the world safe from one hundred thirty three million in fake shampoo but failed to spot the trillions in the sham financial transactions destabilizing global labor currency and bond equity markets ah now we get some more on this stacy well max we know financial regulators apparently refused to do anything about all those fake derivatives and bogus.